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Historically Black Colleges and Universities College Fair

HBCU 2013 evaluation

Summary Itemize value of scholarships awarded: $640,158, 41% Acceptance of Application Received, Number of applications 243, Waived application fee, using ($30.00 average) saved students and parents,$7,260.00, Number applications waived 42, Number of interest cards/Forms 1,118


HBCU Reps were asked to rate their satisfaction level, using a 1-5 scale with 1 the lowest, 5 the highest,  Facility Rating; 3.74, Meals Rating; 3.90, Student Prep Rating; 3.81; Overall student rating 4.00; Overall event rating; 3.79


“Great program. With such a stellar group of students we should consider admission “

“Have all students especially seniors informed to bring transcripts and test scores”

“Great fair”

“Although there were slower times during the fair, the event went well”

“The seniors did not have enough time to meet with the HBCU recruiters. There were more Juniors than seniors at the event”

“Great Fair! Students were prepared with documents”

“Program had excellent turnout”

“Maybe while students are in panel discussions we should make time for lunch b/c some”

“This event went exceptionally well. Students were prepared and engaged. Though scholars should attend fair earlier than reported”

“Good Fair. Larger room to host all recruiters in one room. The plaques were a pleasant surprise”

“Have all students especially seniors informed to bring transcripts and test scores”

“I was hoping that the NJ Scholars came on time.”

“I think next year the scholars should come in first so we can have more time with them”

“Great opportunities. Excellent students and families”

“Outstanding standing present at this particular fair”